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About Olga

Olga has been teaching and healing people with the help of qi gong, Sat Nam Rasayan, kundalini yoga, meditation and Breathwork for over a decade, since she conquered her arthritis in 2009 with the help of qigong. Since then she has studied with the best qi gong, kundalini yoga, breathing and Sat Nam Rasayan teachers in the USA, Russia, Italy, Mexico and Holland. Olga is

  • Certified Master of Medical Qi gong and a practitioner since 2009
  • Certified Qi Gong healer since 2011
  • Certified Sat Nam Rasayan Level II Healer
  • Certified Kundalini yoga teacher since 2018
  • Serious Kundalini Yoga practitioner since 2010

Olga has been studying with the only living Master of Sat Nam Rasayan Guru Dev Singh since 2011

She studied with the following masters: Sat Santokh Kaur Khalsa, Damaris Jarboux, Lisa Van Ostrand, Bernard Shannon, Daisy Lee, Mantack Chia, Francesco Garripolli

Olga taught more than 2600 classes on qi gong and kundalini yoga since January 2009

She has over 2500 hours of healing treatments since November 2010

About Olga

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“My story as a healer and a teacher began before I got sick with psoriatic arthritis.

My father got sick with lung cancer in 1996. It was too late for any treatment, so my father was sent home to live a month. At that time I didn’t really know what he was sick with as my mom chose to conceal  it from my sister and I. The doctors told her that there was nothing they could do to help my father, so she started searching for alternative ways of healing. At the same time we all hoped that some hidden force will heal my father.

All of us felt helpless as we didn’t have any tools and knowledge to help my father. It was 1996 – 1997 in postsoviet Russia, and there was a huge lack of literature on self-healing. Qi Gong was prohibited not long before that time. You could go to jail for practicing it before 1992 and I simply didn’t know about it. Bhagavat Gita just appeared on the shelves of our bookstores and it was not very helpful. My mom brought my father to an energy healer and he took some herbs. He lived a whole year instead of 1 month as promised by the doctors.

All of this time that my father was sick, I was observing how his strength was disappearing, his muscles were getting smaller, his energy was melting away. My strong, handsome and powerful dad turned into someone I wanted to hold in my arms. I felt great desperation of not being able to help him. I had no tools, no knowledge, no access to information. I felt utterly powerless. I could not help the person I love. I never want to feel that way ever again!

My father died in September 1997. This was such a traumatic experience that brought both grief and indignation that we live in such a progressive time and we don’t have information or skill on how to help ourselves. So I made a decision to figure out myself to discover the healing power within.

In January 2008 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. By then the muscles in my hands atrophied, so I couldn’t hold an empty mug, walk 15 meters or just drive without pain in my joints. I had no energy and felt depressed. My doctor passed judgement that this was forever.  At my 27 years old I felt like 127 and hoped that life wouldn’t be too long.

That year I understood that you can never be happy if you have no health. Health is the basis of happiness. Being Happy means having abundant amounts of energy. You need energy to be happy.

I felt desperate and yet, I had profound wisdom about my health, happiness and priorities in my life. Now I can tell you that every disease carries personal wisdom that no one can discover but us. If you are sick, you have to dig deep to uncover the hidden treasure message behind it. Diseases are stepping stones to spiritual, emotional and mental growth.

I was lucky to discover qi gong as a form of healing for my arthritis in November 2008. I practiced with a teacher 3 -5 times a day for a minimum of 100 days. In 6 weeks after the beginning, the doctor told me that I was in remission and I needed to gradually get off my pills. This was only the beginning of my healing journey. I discovered that

  • Diseases are not death sentences
  • There is always hope for recovery even when doctors tells you there is none
  • Intention is everything
  • We should never give up, but keep on searching for our own way of healing
  • We have the keys to your own healing

I continued my intensive Qigong training for many years.

In November 2010 I started my intensive training in Kundalini yoga, meditation and healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan.

Qi Gong Healing is an art of healing someone with energy in person or at a distance. I started healing people in January 2011 and continued my training in qi gong healing for several years both in Bolder, CO with Damaris Jarboux and Lisa Van Ostrant in NYC.

I was fascinated by the art of healing called Sat Nam Rasayan, translated as “relaxation in Divine Self”. It’s a very simple art of dissolving energetic resistances that make a person sick. We can dissolve a situation, any form or energy that interferes with success, relationships or businesses. It’s truly amazing! This form of healing is so simple, but to produce an actual effect it takes hours and hours of daily practice.

In 12 years of my journey as a healer and a teacher I have accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills to help myself and other people.

My mission in this life is to help people discover their innate power of self-healing and transformation so they manifest their full potential and power by means of ancient arts of qi gong and kundalini yoga.”


  1. Cloudwalker Qi Gong level I and II 2009 – 2010
  2. Radiant Lotus Women’s Qi Gong 2010
  3. Usui Reiki Level I 2010
  4. Intermediate Qi Gong Healer at Qi Gong Institute of Rochester, 2010
  5. Zan Fu Gong or Organ Cleansing Qi Gong instructor 2011
  6. Sat Nam Rasayan Level I 2011
  7. Qi Gong healing school “The Center Place” 2011 – 2013
  8. Post Grad Qi Gong Healing Program at “The Center Place” 2015
  9. Master of Medical Qi Gong at “Three Treasures Healing” school 2015 – 2017
  10. Authentic Relationships: Level II practitioner certification course 2017
  11. Sat Nam Rasayan Healer Level II 2018
  12. Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Level I 2018


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