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Spaces also have energy that is either good or bad. Good energy is conducive to having peaceful and harmonious relationships, helps to reach success and have flow of abundance. Negative energy in the space feels like you don’t want to be in it. You can instantly feel whether there is something wrong with the space.

Negative Foreign Energy

  1. Feels like a fog
  2. You can hear sounds or voices
  3. You feel unpleasant in the space
  4. You might have strange dreams
  5. Makes you emotional on a daily basis
  6. You lose energy in this space
  7. You children are scared of something all the time
  8. You feel an extra amount of sexual energy that is not normal for you

In this case I can clear foreign energy and balance energies of the space at a distance. I use several techniques from qigong healing and Hawaiian tradition as well as the ability to read energy to make sure that everything is cleared.

All you have to do is to send me a description of what feels wrong with your space and video or photo of every room in your house or office. We will not need to schedule special time to do a healing