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Qi Gong Energy Healing


Qi Gong Energy Healing is manipulation of a person’s energy by a healer to remove toxic energy and replenish good one. During these treatments a healer removes energetic blocks, opens and points channels, so you can be most healthy, happy and balanced. Qi Gong Healing affects your energy and spirit and can be called acupuncture without needles. Healing can be done in person or distantly.


In Person Treatment


A client lies down on a massage table in front of the healer. The healer sets a sacred space, which allows the healing to be more in tune with the Soul of the client. Our energy structure is as complex as our anatomy. Intuitive reading during the treatment helps to prioritize the order in which treatment happens.

Difference between energy healing and acupuncture


During energy healing I go into a higher state of consciousness which heals you on a spiritual level as well. Sometimes a client feels they go into a deep trance, during which they can receive images or insights. After the treatment they feel as if they’ve just come back from a long vacation.

This state of being allows me to do intuitive reading. This means that I have an ability to communicate with the client’s Higher Self and get very precise answers about a situation or health. Sometimes my clients call it “Spiritual Healing”, because it affects how they feel and perceive things after the treatment. 

In Qi gong we move energy, clear toxic energy, fill the person with good energy. A healer holds an intention to heal and to learn “what is” the true state of things. This state helps to create a change in energy field and heal. 

After I finish the treatment, I share what I found energy wize and how it manifested in you and affected your life. If there are prescription exercises or meditations that you need to practice, I share them with you as well so you can practice at home.


Distant Healing


In distant healing we agree on a time and date when you lie down in the comfort of your own home to receive a healing at a distance. You can turn on relaxing music, turn off the sound on your phone and other devices and ask others not to disturb you for at least 1 hour. At the very beginning of the treatment you should listen to my audio that will tune you in to the the state in which you can best receive the healing. 

The best way to prepare for the healing is to send me a list of things that disturb you physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. You can also send questions you need intuitive answers for. 

I usually do intuitive readings at the end of the healing, where I can ask your Higher Self for a recommendation about your personal healing practice etc. 

At the end of a treatment I usually send a text to let you know that I finished. Please, keep on lying down until that message. Sometimes, I just need a few extra minutes to finish. 

When I finish healing, I summarize the healing in a voice message that I send to you. Very often I prescribe a short meditative or energetic practice to be done for a specific period of time to speed up your healing


Sat Nam Rasayan Healing


Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing modality within the Kundalini Yoga tradition, and it means “Relaxation into Divine Self”. Sat Nam Rasayan has its roots in Buddhism. We use projective meditative mind to release blocks in health, relationships, business or a situation. We don’t manipulate any of the energy per se, but we release “tension” in such a way that the situation is resolved on its own, the body is nourished, the psyche is healed and the relationship finds its true direction. Each separate issue is healed separately and takes a different amount of time depending on the blockage.


Why would you do a healing treatment with me?

  • To speed up the healing process
  • To make a big shift in the way you feel
  • To receive precise guidance from your Higher Self
  • To come to balance and peace
  • To replenish your spiritual state
$175 / 1 hour session
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