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Foreign Energy Clearing

When you feel out of sorts, feel emotional for no reason, have the impulse to do something that is unlike you, then you need to check for the presence of Foreign Energy.

Foreign Energy (FE) is energy that essentially is not part of you. FE can also be present in your relationships, your finances or workplaces, affecting all parties involved. It’s like having a virus that manifests something negative and creates obstacles.

FE can affect your thoughts, emotions, impulses and even behavior. Your decisions, opinions, desires, actions are not 100% yours anymore. Even though you feel familiar emotions, you have no idea, why they came up. Sometimes you want to cry uncontrollably or have tremendous anger that just cannot be reasoned. These are just a few examples of how Foreign Energy can affect you. We need to get rid of it as soon as possible to be authentic again.

What Foreign Energy can affect:

  1. Your energy field
  2. Marriage
  3. Relationship
  4. Business
  5. Destiny
  6. Organization (school, class, group)
  7. Board
  8. Government agencies and departments
  9. Cities, states, countries

Some other possible “symptoms” of Foreign Energy presence:

  1. Inner agitation 
  2. Feeling depressed and having low frequency
  3. Too material, stuck in material thinking
  4. Brain bound
  5. Having too many negative emotions: living in fear, anger, worry, anxiety, sadness
  6. Seeking joy and pleasure at the expense of the integrity
  7. Feeling uncontrollable lust
  8. Feeling almighty and powerful and even arrogant
  9. A person with FE might look very seductive, enticing and entertaining
  10. Sudden disturbing and destructive behavior 
  11. Suicidal thoughts and behavior
  12. Substance abuse 
  13. Addictions

Conclusion: FE is a very opportunistic kind of energy. If in our thoughts and emotions we allow ourselves to lower our frequency, we’ll be more available for that energy to take over our energy field. It is crucial that we dwell in virtues like forgiveness, gratitude, love, peace, reverence, humility, kindness, equality, compassion, balance, joy, respect, faith, trust. 


Living in virtue is first of all a mental decision. When we do not feel these qualities, we can receive energy healing and then develop their energy with practice of qi gong and meditation. After a few days of practice the energy of virtues can be felt as part of you. If we choose to succumb to lower vibrational experiences, we attract FE and then our vibration and way of lower drop even lower. We lose ourselves. So the solution is Foreign Energy treatment

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