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Olga Pchelintseva-Mares

Master of Medical QI Gong

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Qi Gong and Sat Nam Rasayan Healer

Only 3 – 4 people

Time: 10 – 5pm

Lunch 12:30 – 2:00pm

$150 – up to 1 week before the retreat

$175 afterwards

February 26
Balance yin yang energies

Balance different energies to feel at home in your body. We’ll address male and female energies, yang and yin, to solve conflict and imbalance that these energies can evoke in us, so we live a happy and balanced life. This leads to balanced hormones, adequate reactions to things, balance between spiritual and material world, balance between a mind and a heart.  

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If you have too much yang energy, then there is not enough tolerance and peace reserved to handle stress. You’ll feel aggressive and overwhelmed with life. There is so much activity going on internally and externally, that you have no time for reflection, true connection to your soul, your partner, your art and spiritual life. Your life lacks depth and it’s very tiring. 

If you are too yin, you’ll feel apathy, laziness, lack of motivation and depression. You might question the purpose of life, your work, your partnership and the whole universe. This energy will create stagnation in your life. While a lot of people go through this, it is still an energetic imbalance. 

In this retreat we’ll use different tools to balance and fine-tune our quiescent and active, shady and bright, spiritual and physical energies of yin and yang.

March 12
Balance feminine energy (women only)

Balance your feminine energy to be more happy, healthy and magnetic. Female energy is very attractive. It’s essence is to stay in a peaceful state and just shine. It’s function is to attract prosperity, relationships, anything that you want in life. If this energy is compromised by yang style of life, which is running around, juggling work and family, being overworked, being excessively emotional, experiencing aggression and anger, leading a go-getter lifestyle, your female health will suffer as well.

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Feminine energy is the essence of a woman. If it gets compromised, this will affect your relationships, how you make money, your hormones, emotions and how happy you feel. And we know, if the woman of the house is not happy, no one is happy!

I invite you to recognize the qualities of feminine energies and restore your essence during this retreat by utilizing psychosomatic, energetic healing practices and kundalini meditation.

March 26
Breast, Uterus and ovarian health (women only)

We exercise to build muscles, we meditate to clear our minds, we stretch our ligaments to maintain longevity, but we forget our most vital and essential organs that are connected to powerhouse of the body – sexual energy! These organs are breasts, uterus and ovaries in women. Whether we have relationship issues, going through changes in our lives, cannot express our sexuality or just plain stressed out, these organs take an energetic hit. Read More

As a result we experience lack of energy, libido, mood swings, problems with period, fertility, breast lumps etc. In other words, when the flow of energy stops, it takes a certain period of time for physical manifestation to take place. So if you were stressed out most of your 20s or even 30s, the chances are your female health will be compromised in your 30s and 40s. It is imperative to take care of female health in all ages of our lives and learn what affects it and how to preserve it. 

We’ll practice ancient qi gong that is aimed at rejuvenating and beautifying these organs. We’ll also practice internal style qi gong to charge these organs with energy. You’ll learn different types of energies you can use to heal different types of issues and affect your libido. By affecting these organs, your female hormones change, your fertility changes for the better, your breasts become more beautiful, the whole energy of your being becomes more fluid and feminine. You’ll also learn principles of facial massage to look more youthful and radiant.

April 9
Gain Your strength

Gain Your strength: hard style qi gong. Gain your center, become strong within, soft without. Open your central channel to be more connected to earth, Heaven, your soul and your ancestry. Hard style qi gong develops your ligaments, muscles and sinews, which allow more energy to go through your body. This is a powerful practice to heal your bones and bone marrow

May 14

No matter how much we study or get information from the outside, true growth happens within. By clearing our energy field, allowing more silence and neutrality into our existence, we grow our awareness. It could result as intuition, understanding of ourselves and others or simply seeing the truth in a difficult situation. Developing awareness is like allowing light to come into a dark room

June 11
Clearing the debris of the past

Our past experiences have taught us a lot and we grew from them. The problem arises when past memories bring the same sad, painful, angry unresolved feelings. This is what we call baggage. We don’t have to carry our grudges, sadness, longing, feeling of unfairness and other unpleasant feelings from the past. We need to resolve them, neutralize the charge, take the polarity away and live a FREE life. We’ll clear past memories,  so they do not affect you negatively, but rather open up a path to your future as a flow