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Can Qi Gong or Yoga alone promise healing? Are they the only keys for miraculous healing? My experience is “No”


Healing is really changing ourselves from inside. Qi Gong, Yoga, meditation are only the tools to create that change! They along do not work like a miracle pill to erase a disease from ourselves. They help us to change the unhealthy habits, which can be mental, emotional, physical, energetic or spiritual, back to health. We have to totally participate in the healing process of ourselves. It is crucial to change the way we think, act, react in order to bring healing.


Arthritis can be a very debilitating disease even with all the modern treatment out there. I had sever arthritis at 27 and qi gong helped me to heal it. Here are some examples of what I had to change in myself to reach the healing point.


1. Change your priorities: Your health and therefore energy practice is now priority, not a job, a house, errands, not even family members even on their most important days of their lives. If one wants to get healed, the health should be the most important priority in one’s life. If we allow health to deteriorate, we might not be able to do all the things that we care so much about.


Health meant qi gong practice to me. I did it no matter where I was, whether if was convenient, whether I was alone or not, lying down, standing or sitting. I did qi gong even in my mind. I practiced 3 – 4 hours of moving qi gong every day for 100 days and more practice in my mind when I had opportunity.


On the airplane we learn that in case of emergency the mother has to put an oxygen mask on herself first, so she can help her child next . If she does vice versa, there is a danger that she might not be there for her child in the future. The Priority is your health!


2. Chose peace over stress even though you might fall into habit of stressing out about this or that. These habits lead to destruction of the healing that you’ve already created with your qi gong or yoga practice. Stress sabotages our health. Peace creates health! The solution is to change a habit of reaction to non-reaction:


1. Become aware of your reaction
2. Stop what you are doing when you are stressing out and
3. Do a calming practice

This alone breaks the habitual reaction of a body to a seemingly stressful situation. It is very important to do it in the most stressful moment.


A qi gong or yoga exercise where you have to hold your breath is very powerful in such situations


3. Let go of perfection! If you have an idea that things have to be this way and not the other way, simply drop that idea. It might bring a feeling of inadequacy or dissatisfaction, but the peace that comes with it, is more valuable for the health than going crazy about perfection.
Perfection can really make us feel tense. It has to be applied in moderation.


4. Reduce the amount of traveling. This makes us feel ungrounded and makes us lose our meditative and therefore healing mind. Silence inside is healing. Physically traveling from one healer to another, rushing from one healing class to another might only exhaust us physically and mentally. This process of rushing is additional stress to a person who needs peace and tranquility. So stop rushing to any destination. Stop rushing anywhere in your mind. Just hold that intention even if you are staying in one place. Chose wisely and do not allow any healing modality to create stress in your life.


5. Stop believing in a bad prognosis that you might receive from doctor, other people or even your own mind. Healing of our body, mind and spirit has unlimited potential. At the same time, whatever you believe in your deepest core always turns out to be true. So it is a good idea to expand your mind and healing ideas.


6. Practice Qi Gong or other healing modality diligently without missing a day. If you have a nice party or too much work, the priority still stays the same – healing your mind, body and spirit. We have to be very disciplined with our spiritual and energetic practice in order to heal. I’ve done qi gong in the car, while on the plane, at the airport and other public places, laying down while sick, having a house full of guests, workers etc.
No excuses for missing a healing practice!


7. Listen to your body. If you are tired, go and rest. In my experience we are our best healers and our body tells us exactly what we need to do to heal ourselves. The task is be attentive to it as if we were attentive to our own little baby when it cries.