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This is a Forgiveness Prayer that I think everyone should practice. Every soul on this planet will benefit from forgiveness practice. It should be practiced daily 1 – 3 times at a time.


This is the Forgiveness prayer between ________ (full name) and ____________(full name, yourself) to return energy and undo anything that was created between them to cause harm, negativity or anything that would bring pity in their lives.


I ask God, angels, archangels, all ascended master to come and assist me in this Holy Work. Let the light shine around me, around________(name whom you are doing the healing with), in this room to bring healing to anything and anybody whom this healing concerns. Let the Universal light and light from higher vibrational realm penetrate our whole being. I ask God, angels, archangels, and all ascended masters to bless this work. So be it.


I, __________(full name), ask the realm of higher power to release any negative feelings towards __________(full name) that I ever had in any of my lifetimes. I ask you to transform them into a high vibrational Energy that can be used for Love, Peace, and Healing. I ask the realm of higher power to release any negative memories that are connected to this person, __________(full name), created in any of my lifetimes. Let the Light shine inside me instead of those negative memories or feelings, let it be fear, worry, hatred, anger, grief, resentment or anything else. I ask my Higher Self to remember this and welcome it into my life as a fresh and loving energy. Let the healing begin.


I ask the Soul and Higher Self of ___________ (Full name) to make an effort and forgive himself/herself for whatever he/she has done towards me in any lifetimes. I ask his/her Higher Self to remember this forgiveness and welcome it in his new life.


I ask my Higher Self, my conscious, subconscious, superconscious and unconscious mind, all of my etheric bodies to forgive myself for anything I’ve ever done to this person _________(full name) that caused them pain. I Love myself.


I ask the realm of Higher Power to return my Energy and my part of my soul that is missing as a result of interaction with _________(Name) healed, perfect and pure as Christ’s Light.