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When we get an astrology reading it might seem that event in life might be totally inevitable. My outlook on charts is quite the opposite. We get a reading to be able to shift something in our lives: strengthen our weaknesses and support our strengths. Here is what helps me:

1. Connect with Sacred Space through prayer, meditation, qi gong or any other way you know. Just visiting a church already helps to connect to sacred space, which is beyond this time and space and daily problems. It is sacred space that usually helps to heal when we are talking about alternative healing

2. Clear subconscious mind through meditation regularly. Early morning meditation at 4 or 5 am for 1 -2 hours should bring you to a total elevated state of mind. 4 am is a very special time in the morning that helps to clear anything from subconscious that bothers you. Interesting that non of the other times during day are as powerful for meditation as 4 am. Kundalini meditations can be absolutely powerful for that

3. Do not react to any internal “drive” that you know will not bring you any good. Use common sense

4. Do Celestial Qi Gong with a celestial body that needs to feed your energy. You can connect with the Sun if you need more fire aspect in your mind, body and spirit. It will feed your heart and bring lots of joy and liveliness to your being. The Moon has a cooling effect and will bring you lots of peace. It has a strong yin aspect.

To practice Celestial qi gong stand in horse stance, connect with your whole being with a selected celestial body for a while, absorb the qi from that celestial body then drive it through the qi body to cleanse it and strengthen it. The effects are super amazing.

5. Do good service, e. g.  bless people even if they are not nice or good to you. Bless places you go, like supermarket, workplace, restaurants, pharmacies. Create a sacred space wherever you go. Bless all of your family members, bless businesses and organizations. It doesn’t take long time to bless. Just hold a sacred space and ask something or somebody to be blessed and see them in the light. This alone will bring more positive people and events in your life.

6. Ask for forgiveness even if it’s silent. Forgiveness is a very important practice. Sometimes we are not aware that we offended somebody. Since every thought is a vibration and if it’s directed at us, we might not even know why we feel not so good. Just to make sure ask for forgiveness for not giving enough love, ignoring someone, thinking badly about somebody, talking badly about somebody or having negative feelings towards this person, space or organization. Here is forgiveness prayer that I used for sometime

7. Express gratitude for everything in life, including the hardest situation. Nothing changes the way we experience things like deeply felt and consciously expressed gratitude. We need to remember that things come to our lives because we need to experience something and learn something about ourselves and learn the Truth. Most of my hard experiences have brought something amazing into my life. When we just start expressing sincere gratitude for good and bad, all the experiences become good and we heal.

8. Practice Bound Lotus. It is an amazing practice that clears karma very fast and connects to our higher destiny.